Pet Room Jerk: It’s kind of ridiculous that my toilet ran all night and the heater would not cycle off.

*Internally*: It’s kind of ridiculous that you’re bitching at me on a holiday

Me: Did you call Front Desk at all to notify them?

Jerk: No.

Me: If you would of contacted us, we would of gladly moved you to another room, otherwise we have no knowledge of problems, etc.

Jerk: I’m not happy about this…

Me: That sucks, Happy Easter.


Hi, I’m Timmy Turner and i STOLE FROM MY MOM’S PURSE



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I called off for the first time yesterday…I was “sick.”

Not really, I just wanted to sleep and have a Friday off because fuck Comfort Inn.

I’m back tonight and I’m going to be studying and reducing my time on tumblr for the week, but I’ll be checking up on the NA Brigade here and there and of course, vent.


hey look


it’s shakespeare.

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